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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Toni Morrison

About Us

At Maple Publishers, we love to help budding authors. Our ethos is simple: we want aspiring authors like you to be able to publish your creations without the anyone meddling with the content. Of course, we have plenty of services to help you produce the finest quality work, but we will never influence you in a way that would affect the main message.

Based in the UK and US, we have made a mark in a diverse range of publication platforms such as books, eBooks and online publications. And over the years, authors from all over the world have used our services to make their publication dream come true. As a caring and trusted publishing service provider, we have designed cover illustration, proofread and edited countless copies so that self-publishing authors like you can finally sell your work to the world.

Because of our simple and author-focused approach, we handle everything in your best interest. Proceeds, copyrights, content control and earnings are all yours without us having a cut from your hard work. The best part is, while you are in full control, you can benefit from our high-quality services to make your book a success.

Our Mission

Whether you are an established author or a new writer our mission is:

“To help 100,000 authors achieve their goals and dreams with our highly professional service.”

Due to short turnaround time of publishing a book while maintaining high standards, Maple Publishers has helped numerous writers become published authors.

The combined experience of our team is over 150+ years. Our experienced team helps our authors with every aspect of publishing.

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