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Book Cover

Your book’s cover says a lot to readers.
Our talented designers with years of experience, will create bespoke book cover. The book cover is created keeping in mind your book’s genre, storyline, and audience.
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Rupert and the Silly Boys
Space Travels with our dog
Enjoy the Journey
Welcome to the Treasure Tower
What ABout the Cups and Saucers
Bram's Bonkers Bed

Custom Cover Illustration

Elevate your book to the next creative level with custom cover art produced by our in-house art studio. Our team of seasoned studio artists will work with you to produce a striking cover illustration that will help your book get noticed. Artwork can be created in a variety of mediums depending on what you think will enhance your book.

How does a Custom Cover Illustration enhance your book?

People really do judge a book by its cover – your book cover is your first and foremost marketing tool
Custom Cover artwork is created that is unique to your book
Dynamic cover artwork will make your book more attractive to both readers and booksellers

How does the process work?

Written and verbal communication between you and our art team to discuss initial cover concept and timelines

Approve concept sketch and sign-off on your final color artwork

Work with our design team to create a finished cover using the final artwork

Ready to create your bespoke book cover?