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A Tree Planted By Waters: Volume 3-A


Taken from Jeremiah and The Psalms, this title reflects the stories of families whose lives were bound up with water in some way, and their stories are told in 6 Volumes, this first half of the Third volume telling the adventures and lives of the Male Scion of the Holt & Hardman Families of Astley Bridge, Bolton and Radcliffe, whose origins are solidly in Industrial Lancashire, in Engineering and the Textile Trade. This 6-volume epic follows people across the globe to the USA, Canada, Australia and deepest Europe. Some of the lives are mundane, but many are also full of adventure, intrepidness, intrigue, pathos, audacity and sadness. The whole gamut of life is to be found in this extensive exploration of my family, bound up with those hundreds of other families intertwined in the weave of history. Accompanied by hundreds of illustrations, family trees, photographs and maps, this book is for everyone who is interested in exploring their own family and linking with those names recorded. Each chapter or section has a couple of pages for family notes for others to fill in the gaps or extend their story, and a Gazetteer at the back assists in locating particular family names within the volume. I hope this opus will inspire many to follow their trail, wherever it may lead them! For sure, it will root their own lives deeper in time.

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