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Alcohol Reconsidered: Education for Moderation


Are you fed up with thinking about drinking?Have you ever wondered if you can change your relationship with alcohol?Has your drinking spiralled out of control?If you answered ‘yes’, to any of these questions, this is the book for you. In this personal, enquiring and provocative book, Lesley and Cate attempt to remove the shame and stigma around ‘liking a drink’, perhaps a bit too much. These two ex-primary school teachers share with you their own drinking stories and they uncover the reasons why we drink. They encourage you to find your own solutions by exploring:The science behind alcohol and why we don’t seem to have an off-switchWhy our previous attempts at moderating or abstaining might have failedWhy our relationship with alcohol is so complicatedWhy alcohol could be illegal if it was discovered todayHow alcohol has played a significant role in society since the beginning of timeHow clever marketing and advertising can influence usWhy abstaining might not be the only solutionLesley and Cate share their experiences and show you how to change your relationship with alcohol.’…personal, enquiring, and provocative without being sensationalist or self-pitying.’ Lucy Benyon, Journalist

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May 2021