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All The Shadowed Places: Volume 1


All the Shadowed Places is a two-part saga set in the beautiful hills of the Cotswolds and the streets of the dangerous Victorian Eastend slums. When a childhood challenge ends in disaster, Horatio Woodley shoulders the blame for the death of his sister, Angelica, and the ultimate death of his father, James.
Becoming caught up in the dark attractions of the Eastend Hero finds solace in bare-knuckle fighting, where he encounters the unscrupulous Jolly Jack Barrett, rent collector, murderer, and pimp.
Having fallen prey to Jack Barrett, the lives of three young women are at stake and Hero finds himself caught up in a perilous situation that involves blackmail, abduction, and debauchery.
Hero would never have believed he could find his salvation on these treacherous streets where menace pools in every shadow.

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Marion Shepherd

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Maple Publishers





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348 Pages

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15th January 2021