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David Cassidy: Behind the Scenes Limited Edition with Free Fanzine


“Behind the Scenes” is an unrestrained Memoir with astonishing insight from an unusual friendship between two people, one a celebrity the other from humble origins. A rollercoaster of emotions and changes in fortunes, leading to addiction and death for one.

It is an extraordinary collaboration, gripping and moving a “no holds barred” read exposing a troubled and vulnerable man few people could imagine. It delivers revelations and penetrates the insidious unknown that results from Cassidy’s chosen path. Lies, deceit and false promises abound which only serves to frustrate Cassidy’s rehabilitation and his descent into a bottomless pit. Despite his best endeavours it was all to no avail. As if to complete an irretrievable redemption Cassidy now enters the world of pornography.

The book covers a friendship forged and based on solid foundations. A friendship that came along at the right time for both men. The author is not economic with the truth and the contents of the book are not exaggerated or embroidered. It is a peek into the unknown which may question our previous perceptions and impressions of Cassidy. Endeavours are made to convey an understanding of the man behind the flaws rather than the reverse, If the book achieves that the promise to Cassidy to “tell all” will be fulfilled.

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