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Joshua's Story - Our Gorgeous Boy


Shane and Brinny had everything they could have wished for when they unexpectedly fell pregnant for the third time.They were thrust into a world of disability as Joshua was born profoundly disabled, a world that is both scary and unknown but their love for their boys pulls them through.They must embark on a new journey, one they wouldn’t have chosen, on an unbelievable path spanning the next 20 years. There is heartache along the way but more than that, there is love, humour and joy.They must learn to continually adapt whilst still living a full and rewarding life. The road is not an easy one to take, but one that is worth fighting for. They would like to take you along with them on this very unusual journey and hope you will enjoy Joshua’s Story, whilst also gaining some insight into this not well known world.An uplifting and unbelievable true story of a special boy, with plenty of love, heartache & humour along the way!

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April 2021