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Tread Carefully - The Autobiography of George Edward Bramley MBE


During the 1960s, George Bramley, a dyslexic boy, born in the East End of London before the Second World War, opened a tyre shop in Stratford. At that time, for an East Ender with a business, there were three things to be wary of; The Kray Twins, the normal Old Bill and particularly the corrupt Flying Squad. This led him to mix with gangsters, murderers, con men and thieves such as his good friend Tony Maffia, who carried out a little-known bank job larger than the Great Train Robbery. George details what it was like to live and work in the East End at that time, the type of scams going on, the ‘groupie’ women in the car dealing world, and the social life.

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George Edward Bramley BME


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July 2021