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Why Is Self-Publishing the Best Option in the Digital Age?


In the digital age, self-publishing has become an increasingly popular option for authors looking to get their work into the world. By self-publishing, authors can have more control and autonomy over their work and enjoy a greater share of the profits. 

From traditional publishing houses to self-publishing books, this article will explore why more authors are choosing to self-publish and the advantages that come along with it.


One of the main advantages of self-publishing is the control it gives authors over their work. When authors self-publish, they are in charge of the entire process, from selecting a cover design to deciding when the book will be released. This means they can make decisions based on what they believe is best for the book rather than having to compromise with a publisher.


Self-publishing allows authors to write whatever they want without worrying about whether a publisher will accept it. Authors don’t have to worry about making their work fit in with a certain genre or style to be accepted.

Higher Royalties

Self-publishing also allows authors to earn higher royalties than they might get from a traditional publisher. This is because authors can keep a larger portion of the profits from book sales.

With the right fan base and “clout,” a successful literary agent can help you negotiate a book deal with a traditional publisher for an advance of a few thousand dollars and between 7 and 10 percent of each book sold. Authors James Peterson, Steven King, and J.K. Rowling’s calibre are often the only ones who receive royalties in the 15-25% range.

In contrast, if you go the self-publishing route, you may expect to keep anything from 50-70% of your cover price as profit. It would be best if you did some market research to find a competitive cover price while still covering your production costs and providing a profit for you and the bookstore.


Moreover, self-publishing also allows authors to reach a much wider audience than they would through traditional publishing. With the help of online platforms, authors can make their books available to readers worldwide.

Faster Process

Self-publishing can be a much faster process than traditional publishing. Once you have your manuscript and cover ready, you can publish your book almost immediately. This means you don’t have to wait months or even years to see your work in print.

Greater Revenue Potential

When you self-publish, you keep a much greater share of the profits than traditional publishing. This can be an excellent way to make extra income and even lead to a successful full-time career as an author.


Traditional publishing relies heavily on statistics. Even if you contact a publisher specialising in books for a specific niche, they will still question, “How many people will buy this book?” when considering your book proposal. They won’t give your book another look if they don’t get a response with at least five digits. They are in the business of selling books. Therefore, they usually don’t care if your narrative “needs” to be told.

Self-publishing is an option if you have something to say about the collection of pink fluffy unicorns and you’re confident that others will like reading it. 

You and your ability to connect with that small audience are the only things standing between you and widespread success. For this reason, before attempting self-publication, you should research your target audience extensively and establish a comprehensive marketing strategy.

More Opportunities

Self-publishing can also open up a range of new opportunities for authors. For example, you can create eBooks, audiobooks, and print-on-demand versions of your work. This allows you to reach a wider audience and make more money from your work.


In recent years, the best self-publishing companies have risen in popularity as an alternative for writers due to their many advantages to those who want to see their creations in print. Self-publishing also allows authors more flexibility in marketing and promotion and the ability to experiment with different formats and pricing models. 

With the rise of digital technology, self-publishing has become easier and more accessible than ever, making it a viable option for authors who want to take more control over their work and career.

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