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Choosing between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing


Publishing a book has never been easier. With the advent of technology, authors have more options than ever before. Two of the most common methods of publishing are self-publishing and traditional publishing. While traditional publishing has been the norm for many years, self-publishing has gained popularity in recent times.

In this article, we will explore the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing and help you make an informed decision.


This is the process of publishing a book without the involvement of a traditional publishing house. It involves the author taking on the responsibility of all aspects of publishing, including editing, formatting, cover design, marketing and distribution.

The Pros of Self-Publishing

One of the main advantages of self-publishing is that the author has complete control over the entire process. They can choose their own cover design, pricing, book-length, and marketing strategy. Additionally, this method allows the author to keep all the profits from book sales. This can be a significant advantage, especially if the book becomes a bestseller.

The Cons of Self-Publishing

One of the main disadvantages of self-publishing is that all the costs fall on the author. This includes editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing. Additionally, self-published books are often seen as inferior to traditionally published books, which can make it challenging for the author to gain credibility and recognition.

Traditional Publishing

This involves a publishing house responsible for producing and distributing a book. The process involves the author sending their manuscript to a publishing house, which is then reviewed by an editor. If the manuscript is accepted, the publishing house is responsible for editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, and distribution.

The Pros of Traditional Publishing

One of the main advantages of traditional publishing is that the publishing house takes on all the costs associated with publishing, including editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing. Additionally, traditionally published books have higher credibility and recognition, which can help the author gain a wider audience.

The Cons of Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing comes with a number of drawbacks, one of the most significant being that authors have less say over the finished product. It’s possible that the publishing house will make modifications to the book without contacting the author, and it’s also possible that the author won’t have any say in how the cover is designed or how the book is marketed. Additionally, traditional publishing houses get a sizeable cut of the earnings made from the sale of books.

Which One to Choose?

Making a decision between self-publishing and more conventional forms of publishing can be difficult. It is dependent on a number of elements, such as the aims of the author, their budget, and the level of control they have. If the author desires to have complete control over the book and is ready to assume the responsibility and cost of publishing it themselves, then self-publishing may be the best choice for them. Imagine, though, that the author desires a higher degree of legitimacy and recognition and is ready to give up some control over the final output in exchange for this higher level of achievement.

If that’s the case, then going the route of traditional publication might be the best option.


Overall, self-publishing and traditional publishing are two viable options for authors today. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the author’s goals and preferences. Whatever option an author chooses, it is essential to do thorough research, understand the process, and make an informed decision.

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