A website is the business end of your hard work. That’s why, as a successful author, you want your message to penetrate to your reader directly, effectively and aimed at selling. When your maiden written work is ready, or you have a new addition to your existing collection, your website helps you maximise the reach for your audience. Your website also helps in building the subscriber base who will be interested in your future book releases.

Reaching your readers with a website is a great way to take your literary work to all corners of the world. At Maple Publishers, we design beautiful websites that help you convert visitors into paying customers. On top of that, we bring out the essence of your message graphically and powerfully so that the reader can grasp your message in an instant on the web page.

Our design teams work with you to investigate every idea that has gone beneath your words. Once the ideas have been captured on digital art, we turn them into a beautiful website together with all the essential components of a business website that sells.

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Author Website

Is your ‘author brand’ ready?

The website we design will carry a distinct brand identity that reflects the core of your work. We carefully dissect every aspect of your book to build a brand image that showcases your brilliant work in a compelling way to your readers.

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