Maple Publishers have not only helped author in publishing their books but also ebooks.

Self-publishing an eBook is a real beauty if you can do it right. All you need to do is choose the ideal platform for every aspect of publishing your ebook.

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Have you ever thought about why you should publish an eBook. Some of the evident benefits of eBooks include:

Increased readership because they are readily available with so many platform options. They don't require a bookshelf, but only your handheld device, which may include but not limited to a kindle reader, an iPad, an android smartphone, sony reader, Kobo reader, and many more.

There are no printing costs involved, which is a huge pocket saviour.

When you’re self-publishing your eBook, there are no third parties involved in the process. Hence, your royalty fee goes higher without the conventional expenses or sharing.

Worldwide readership. When you publish an eBook, it is made available on worldwide platforms; hence people from every corner of the world can access your creativity.

You can also choose Maple Publishers to sell your books on your preferable distribution channels.

Our Author’s eBook Can be found on all the major platforms, including…

But most importantly, you need to choose the right service provider that can guide you entirely.

Maple Publishers is one place where you can rely on, starting from proofreading the contents, correcting the format and style, and connecting you with different distribution channels.

Maple Publishers provides a top-notch eBook formatting service. Imagine reading a book that does not have adequate line spacing, inconsistent margins, a variety of font sizes, and the list goes on. Maple Publishers takes your mind off that worry. We make sure that the layout of your books is appropriately aligned and professional layout. We also make your book reflowable so that the eBook can fit according to the reader’s screen. Additionally, there are different eBook file formats suited for different channels; for example, Amazon Kindle requires MOBI format, and on the other hand, Barnes & Noble requires an EPUB format. We convert your manuscript as per the medium you choose, ensuring accurate compatibility.

Rest your brain cells to prepare for the next project while we deal with preparing your ebook.