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Your dream to publish your book can be accomplished with professional ghost-writing services at Maple Publishers

Often, we meet some people visiting us with an intricate plot or idea in mind but find it difficult to pen it down like professional writers. This is the exact time when we suggest them to allow our ghostwriters to slip into their shoes and write the book on their ideas, plots, or concepts and publish it.

If you have an unfinished manuscript or want to give an expert touch to your fiction or non-fiction, visit us for the best ghost-writing services. Let your creative doppelganger write the book for you so that you can use your name as well by keeping them in the shadows. Usually, most biographers hire ghostwriters. Whether you have a biography to publish or have fiction to self-publish, availing of a ghost-writing substitute is always rewarding to showcase a professional and unique creative approach.

Maple Publishers has supported innumerable books to reach the bestselling status and established the careers of many bestselling authors with our exclusive ghost-writing services.

Matchless Ghost-writing Services in the UK- amplifying your book globally!


Count on the writing expertise of our highly skilled ghostwriters. We have panelled some of the finest taskmasters for such creative jobs. Ghostwriters are shape-shifters when they do their work while remaining in the shadows for our client writers. We guarantee you 100% unparalleled ghost-writing services from us!


The ghostwriter will be appointed based on your book’s subject matter and their level of expertise. At Maple Publishers we confess to maintaining subject-matter ghostwriters. You can also find genre-specific ghostwriters here.


Our decades of experience in the publishing industry have made us value the customer’s needs considering the uniqueness of each project. Therefore, we offer customized services matching perfectly with your ghost-writing requirements.


We value maintaining the confidentiality of each project. Your ideas, concept, and plot are safe with us!

Customer Service

Maple Publishers has a reputation for maintaining a client-friendly approach throughout. As we value our customers, we maintain a well-trained and amiable customer-care unit answering back any query in the fastest way possible!


Expect on-time delivery from us. At Maple Publishers, we stand committed to our excellence and without hampering it; our ghostwriters provide the work on time.

Contact us for reader-oriented ghost-writing services. This will be your first step towards achieving the status of a bestselling writer.