Enhance the aesthetic value of your book

You have crafted the words with delicate potency and gripped the reader with a captivating storyline. But are you struggling to have the right illustrations which will do justice to the words you have written? Research suggests that books with illustrations tend to sell better, incline the reader to finish the book and recommend it to another. The reason behind this is that a simplest illustration can evoke an emotional response within us. As humans, we are emotionally driven and eliciting that emotional response is essential to make your book a success. At Maple Publishers, we help you achieve precisely that.

Our talented team of graphic designers is the perfect fit to spark that all-important emotional response from your reader. After a detailed consultation with you, we capture the essence of your ideas and convert them into a magical work of art to bring the entire book into life. The final artwork will captivate, inspire and compel the reader with your message.

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The perfect illustration style for your book

It can be challenging to choose the right illustration style for your book. Maple Publishers are here to guide you through the best style that blends in perfectly with your storyline and tone of your work. Our designers are extremely versatile, so you can bring all our complex ideas into one synchronised illustration without missing any of the detail you had imagined.

We listen to your ideas and convert them into memorable images that inspire and captivates. And at every step of the way, you will be involved in the design process. In case you are not sure about anything, we are here to give honest and creative advice so that the finished work can attract attention and sell better.

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